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Important Attendance Information

Attendance Office

(360) 596-8019

This Attendance Information Details the Requirements for Parents and Students.

To excuse a student

A parent or guardian must call the attendance secretary to excuse a student's absence or tardy. Calls must be received within 24 hours of a student's absence or tardiness. The attendance secretary's voice mail is available at any time to excuse a student's absence or tardiness. Please call the direct line 360-596-8019 . For attendance purposes a note will not be accepted.

When leaving a voicemail please leave a clear, distinct message excusing the student's absence, with the following information:

  • student name (please spell last name)
  • parent or guardian name
  • reason for absence
  • a phone number where the parent or guardian can be reached
  • symptoms for illness


After an Absence

After an absence, and upon the student's return to school, the student should check with the attendance office to make sure their name is on the list of excused absences. If the student is not excused then it is his or her responsibility to get the absence cleared within 24 hours. Any absence not cleared within 24 hours via the attendance office will be considered unexcused.

Acceptable Excused Absences

Religious reasons, family emergency, illness, bereavement, pre-approved extended absences and professional appointment ( Appointments considered professional by nature are: doctor, dentist, orthodontist, attorney, and other licensed practitioners. Appointments not considered professional are: drivers testing, senior pictures, or long lunches).

Extended Absences

If a student will be absent 3 or more days, due to vacation, etc. an extended absent form must be completed and approved by an administrator prior to the absence.

Other Absences

To facilitate a student who needs to leave for an appointment during the school day, please call before 9:00am. The student will be given a pass to leave class at the appropriate time. The student must then sign out at the attendance office BEFORE leaving campus and sign in UPON RETURN to school. Students who leave school without permission are deemed unexcused. If your student is feeling ill and needs to leave school early, they must first go to the Health Room to be checked out by the nurse.

Parent Notification

In an effort to keep parents informed, a computer generated call will be made to the parent of every student who misses one or more periods of any school day. This phone call will be made the same day of the absence. If a student believes that an absence was recorded in error the student is responsible to contact the teacher and bring a written note from the teacher to the attendance office to verify that an error was made.

Attendance Types

E - w/reason - Excused absence by parent
U - Unexcused absence
W - Web absence by teacher unexcused
L - Tardy by teacher unexcused
U - 15,30,45Tardy to class unexcused
T - w/reason - Tardy to class excused
O - 15,30,45 - Tardy excused school related
O - Other absence-in school reason
S - Suspension
I - In school suspension
X - Emergency Expulsion

Reason Codes

CO - Counseling
FE - Family emergency
FT - Field trip
HR - Health room
IL - Illness

LE - Jury Duty/Court Proceeding

MD - Medical Appointment

OF - Main Office

PA - Professional Appointment
PG - Legislative Page

PR - Principal Approved

RC - Religious/Cultural

RE - Search & Rescue involvement

SE - Suspended Emergency Expulsion

SI - Suspended In

SO- Suspended Out

SR - School related absence

VA - Vacation