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Arts & Technology

This department believes that education in the arts is a vital component of the high school curriculum. All students should be provided an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the arts through hands-on experiences. Art instruction should challenge the intellectual, creative, and expressive powers of each student.


This site features information on Business Education Curriculum, the WORK-BASED LEARNING PROGRAM, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and LEADERSHIP


The English (or Language Arts) Department is responsible for the education of students in writing, reading, the study of literature, study of languages, and to oral presentation.


It is the goal of the Social Studies Department to aid students in developing an understanding of living and participating in a democratic society and in a perse, independent, and changing world. It is believed that social studies courses will further the development of language art. Each student should read, write, listen, and participate with increased skill during and after each course.

Physical Education

Information on Capital's PE courses and staff.


Capital High School's science curriculum is designed to provide students with an understanding of the scientific processes and to show applications of scientific thinking both to everyday practical experiences and to problems of society. Science courses are also provided to prepare students for technical studies in college and to offer options to students with interests or plans in specific areas.


The Math Department is setup to be able to meet the needs of all students. It offers math classes ranging from basic math up to IB Calculus, while also offering some additional math courses.

World Languages

The World Language Program is designed to provide the opportunity for students to study a world language or languages not native to them. It is the philosophy of the department that every person is able to learn another language.

Other Information