Boys Soccer

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Head Soccer Coach: Jeremy Richtmyre

[email protected]

JV Soccer Coach: Adriana Montes

[email protected]

Assistants: Alfonso Magana and Tyler Sharpe

Please be aware that tryouts are the first 3 days of practice. Failure to appear at all three days of tryouts may relegate a player to start at the JV or C-Team level at the coaches discretion. Tryouts this year will be 2/27-3/1/2023

Capital High School Soccer players are dedicated, disciplined, competitive, hardworking student athletes. Team members have a confident, respectful attitude and conduct themselves with class on and off the field.


Our team goal is to establish and maintain the highest standard for academic excellence, athletic skill and sportsmanship in Capital High School.

Coaching Philosophy

“Developing skill, sportsmanship, the value of teamwork, and hard work without sacrificing fun.”

1. Open door policy with player and parents

2. My teams will play hard and work hard

3. To always be a student of the game

4. Let the soccer officials do their job


1.  Adhere to Wiaa and Capital academic rules

2.  Violating the Drug and Alcohol Policy will. The severity of the punishment will be in accordance with the Drug and Alcohol Policy.

3.  If you miss practice or cannot complete a practice the day before a game you will not start. Schoolwork is not an excuse. Rehab of an injury can be done at practice

  4.  Missing the team bus will result in suspension for one or more games

5.  Negative talk about teammates in or out of the soccer environment will mean loss of playing time and/ or removal from team!

6.  Practice will start on time! Players not prepared to start working at the scheduled practice time could see a dramatic drop in playing time.

7. Practice time is for soccer not socializing! I expect players to be focused on soccer during training sessions. Playing time will be affected by violating this rule.


The ideal Capital High School varsity soccer players will have an above average ability to think the game and possess the technical skills needed to compete at a high level.Varsity-level players will need an exceptional level of fitness to meet the physical demands of a grueling season. To stay on the Varsity team players must work hard and meet all team rules and school objectives. If a player fails to follow team rules or practice work rate falls below team expectations the player will be moved to a lower-level team or suspended until the player is back in compliance. Returning to the varsity level after suspension is NOT guaranteed! Varsity is an earned privilege not a right!

Playing Time

As a coach, I like to reward all players who work at practice with playing time. But the first priority of the Varsity squad is to compete for the league title. Playing time at the Varsity level is NOT guaranteed. All members of the team have an equally important role, how well and how much effort is put into that role will factor into a players playing time. Reserve players must help the starters prepare for games by competing hard in practice. Starting positions will be earned at practice! In tight matches reserve players will be limited to no time or short playing periods to give the starters rest. Other factors affecting playing time will be grades, injuries, and a player’s compliance with all team and school rules.

                                   LETTERING POLICY

If you play in 2 regular season varsity games with playoffs still on the line.

Communicating with Coaches

Players with individual or team concerns need to be their own advocate. The Coaching staff has an OPEN DOOR POLICY!

Step 1) Player meeting with Varsity Coach

Step 2) Player/ Parent meeting with varsity Coach

Step 3) Player and Parent meeting with Varsity Coach/AD

Junior Varsity Team

The JV team is a developmental squad of 18 to 23 players who need tactical development to go with their above-average ball skills. JV players maybe asked to train at multiple positions to increase future flexibility for Varsity. The attitude and work ethic a player demonstrates could slow down or speed up the advancement to the varsity level.

The JV training environment will be the same as varsity in intensity and competitiveness. Team and school rules are the same for JV as they are for varsity. JV players that work hard and improve will be eligible to move up to a vacant varsity slots during the current season.

Playing time

JV is a developmental squad. Playing time will not be equal. Players projected as future starters or most likely to be called up to varsity during the current season will get the majority of playing time.

JV rules for communicating with coaches

 Players with individual or team concerns need to be their own advocate. The Coaching staff has an OPEN DOOR POLICY!

Step 1) Player meeting with JV Coach

Step 2) Player/parent meeting with varsity Coach and JV

Step 3) Player/parent with Varsity coach and AD

  Capital High School Boys Soccer

High School soccer is a competitive sport. Not all the players that try-out get the privilege of playing varsity. With the experience of being a player and a coach I have come up with a few rules that I hope will make your job as parent and mine as coach easier for the both of us.

1.)  I am the only coach!

If you coach from the stands I will ask you to stop!

  2.)  Be your child’s best fan!

Support your son win or lose, good game or bad. Let him talk to you about the game if they want to.

3.)  Support all the players!

At home let your son let out his frustration, but encourage your son to face the problem himself and solve it by going to the coaches or their teammates.

  4.)  Display good game behavior

Keep your emotions in check. My expectation of parents is the same as players they should be respectful of the refs, opposing players and coaches.

  5.)  Monitor your sons stress level

Is he sleeping and eating right? Is he getting his homework done? Playing on a school team, club team and keeping grades up is very demanding.

7.)  Have fun at games and enjoy the competition

Remember that you will be watching some of the best high school teams in state if not the country

  8.)  Concerns

Off the field situations that are affecting your son’s ability to enjoy soccer at Capital need to be brought to my attention. Concerns about playing time or other soccer team issues are your son’s responsibility. Support him but let him learn to handle tough issues.