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To meet the Language Arts requirements for graduation, students must complete a year-long course in the ninth, tenth, and the eleventh grades. During the twelfth year students may choose from several electives. College-bound students are encouraged to take at least one elective English class each semester of their senior year in order to meet admission requirements to four-year colleges. Approximately one third of the total Language Arts program is devoted to the study of writing, one third to the study of literature, and one third to the study of the English language and oral communication. The program is sequenced, which enables learning to continue and build on what has been taught before. The basic curriculum provides students with the opportunity to gain a strong traditional high school English education. The senior elective program includes further enrichment and college prep work.

Note: Senior electives may not be substituted for required coursework in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.


International Baccalaureate English

11IB Summer Reading Assignment 2017-2018

12IB Summer Reading Assignment 2017-2018

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is one academic option available to students at Capital High School that enhances the international perspective of the school. The IB goal is to educate an international community of skilled, thoughtful, compassionate, and responsible citizens: citizens whose commitment to their fellows and to their communities transcends national, cultural and social barriers, students whose zest for learning continues throughout their lives.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program officially begins in the eleventh grade. We offer honors courses for tenth grade students, intended to build the skills necessary for success in the eleventh and twelfth grades, and to provide a more rigorous program of study for students interested in the challenge.

Tenth grade students who did not participate in honors courses may enter the IB program on a space available basis. For more information, see the CHS IB page.

Statement about CHS literary offerings

Literature, by its essential nature, allows us to explore places, cultures, values, beliefs, attitudes, and ideas that we may not encounter in the course of our own daily lives. This is the wonder of books—their power to transport us to worlds outside of our own. If, in the course of our reading, you find something objectionable, please let your teacher know so she or he can discuss alternatives with you.

Each student will be provided with a written copy of this statement and all books to be read during the semester as part of the beginning of the semester handouts. These materials will also be made available to parents at Back to School Night or per their request.