Digital Design - 2A, 2B

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Digital Design - 2nd Year

Course Syllabus
Credit: Occupational (CTE) or Fine Arts or Elective
Prerequisite: Digital Design 1A/1B
Length: 1 semester each [1 year]
Grade level: 10, 11, 12
This course is a continuation of Digital Design 1A/1B. Students will produce 3-fold brochures, newsletters, mini-yearbooks and websites including websites for clients and a personal portfolio website showcasing their best work. Students will post their websites on a remote server and maintain them.  Students will also use Flash to create simple interactive games, digital narratives, and mobile apps.
Students will continue skill development of the Adobe CC programs - Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate & DreamWeaver.

Web Design:  Foundations of Web Design
  • Enhancing the user experience with Adobe Flash CS6 - Students use Flash to enhance user experience on the web
  • Digital narratives using Adobe Flash CS6 - Students use Flash to create digital narratives
  • Designing a client website - Student teams design a website for a client - Students write a design document to help them communicate clearly with the client
  • Web portfolio workshop - Students consider the contents of their web portfolios from the viewpoint of work after this course
Visual Design:  Foundations of Design and Print Production (Photography, Illustration & Basic Print Layout)
  • Brochures - Students create a 3-fold brochure, using advanced image manipulation techniques and page layout design
  • Newsletters - Students work in teams to create the theme, purpose, and content of a newsletter
  • Mini-yearbooks - Students form teams to develop and create a yearbook
  • Final portfolios - Students improve their portfolios from earlier and redesign them to better address their overall future focus; students will present their portfolios