New Market Skills Center

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New Market Skills Center

On late bus Wednesdays, (first Wednesday of each month), the New Market buses will run on their regular route times.  They will not run on a one hour delay like the other district school buses that day.  On this first Wednesday morning, skill center students will need to get to school on their own to catch their 7:50 a.m. bus, since the buses to school will be on a one hour delay.

On every Wednesday B schedule, the students going to afternoon NMSC will need to leave 3rd period around 10:50 to be able to eat a quick lunch and catch their bus, which leaves here at 11:10.

The New Market Skill Center provides an opportunity for students to gain vocational job skills and get a head start on their career goals. Whether going directly into the workplace, or continuing their education through an apprenticeship, community college or university, New Market provides students the skills, leadership and employability training needed for success. New Market is well suited to preparing students for a smooth transition to life after high school.

How do you access NMSC or know if it is right for you?

Talk with your counselor and explain your goals. Then see if there is a program that fits into your four-year high school plan. Enrollment is open to juniors and seniors. Additionally, summer school is offered each year and is open to all students in grades 9-12. All credits received at New Market meet your Occupational Education requirements.

Orientation to New Market programs.

Orientation sessions are each Friday at 8:15 a.m. at New Market each Friday of the school year. They are designed to show you the campus, explain program prerequisites, and allow time for parents and students to inquire specifically about concerns or issues they may have before choosing a program that suits their needs. The advantage to attending an orientation session is in providing an opportunity for immediate access to program openings (and waiting lists if no program opening exists in your chosen field). There is a bus available to transport students for the Friday morning orientation sessions.

Prior to attending an orientation session, see your counselor for the New Market application. You, your parent, and your counselor all must sign this form for admission to any program offered at New Market.