Fitness Grading Scale

Participation: 100%

  • 100-92.5=A
  • 92.49-90.0=A-
  • 89.99-86.50=B+
  • 86.49-82.50=B
  • 82.49-80.0=B-
  • 79.99-76.50=C+
  • 76.49-72.50=C
  • 72.49-70.0=C-
  • 69.99-66.50=D+
  • 66.49-60.0=D
  • 59.99-0=F 

Expectations for Physical Education Classes

  1. Fitness uniforms include athletic shoes, socks, and a purchased CHS PE t-shirt and shorts or athletic pants/leggings. Sweats/warm-ups are allowed but not required. Uniforms should be clean, in good taste, and in good repair.

  • Cutoffs, hats, bandanas, and inappropriate shoes will not be allowed.

  • Students will not be allowed to wear school-issued athletic equipment.

  • Students will not be allowed to participate unless suited down, but if not suited they must stay with the class.

  • No sagging pants, no showing midriffs, no cargo, denim or boxer shorts

  • No cell phones, airpods/headphones in the locker room or gym.

  1. Excuses from Fitness/Health come from the nurse only and must be obtained before school starts or during break.

  1. Inappropriate language and use of profanity or vulgarity is not acceptable in the school environment. Correcting inappropriate language is a priority of the Fitness/Health staff.

  1. Students will promote a safe and respectful environment by keeping their hands and feet to themselves.

  1. The locker rooms are locked five minutes after the tardy bell rings and not reopened until five minutes before the dismissal bell. STUDENTS MUST STAY IN LOCKER ROOMS UNTIL THE FINAL BELL.

  1. LOST AND FOUND: Items can be located in the Men and Women Fitness/Health office, and the school's main office. Unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of the trimester.

Grading Overview (individual teachers may vary from this)


1. The student's grade is based upon the following:

Participation: 100%  5 (five) points a day for Fitness class

6 (six) points a day for Weight Training

Loss of 1 (one) or more participation points may occur for each of the following:

    1. Tardies
    2. Incomplete uniform
    3. Lack of cooperation
    4. Poor effort during warm-ups
    5. Poor effort during class activities
    6. Lack of sportsmanship
    7. Abuse of equipment
    8. Inappropriate language
    9. Cell phones

Loss of 5 (five) points occurs for the following:

    1. Absences
    2. Non-dresses

No participation points will be earned if a student does not participate due to illness or injury. They can make up these days by attending P.E. make-up.

2. Parents/Guardian should contact the instructor if an extenuating circumstance results in a long-term injury or illness. A modified fitness activity may be used for daily credit.


3. Fitness makeup is available on Wednesdays during Coug Time. All make ups will meet in the hallway outside the locker rooms.

Health and Fitness Teachers


Email address

Classes taught

Jennifer Bush

[email protected]

9th Fitness & Body Shape

Liz Canright

[email protected]

10-12 Fitness & S.O.P.E

Troy Mickelson

[email protected]

Strength Training

Terry Rose

[email protected]

9th, 10-12 Fitness & Health

Katie Turcotte

[email protected]