Mark Excell-Rehm

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Personalized Learning Program (PLP) Sylabus

Teacher: Mark Excell-Rehm

Contact information: and Ph. 360-596-8026

The Personalized Learning Program (PLP) for high school provides a variety of opportunities and experiences to facilitate increased knowledge and independence for all students. The student's individual needs will guide the focus of their program and may include one or more of the following:

           Medically Fragile is a district program located at Capital High School for students in need of intensive medical and/or daily living care by trained paraeducator and nursing staff.

           Functional and Community provides a greater focus on functional academics, daily living skills and community access.

           PLP/Resource is a combination of functional learning skills, vocational focus, and access to general education and resource coursework depending on the skills and interests of the student.

Areas of learning include

  • academic readiness

  • social skills and development

  • leisure and recreational skills

  • vocational skills

  • adaptive skills

  • health and safety awareness

  • community access

  • functional daily living skills

Students in the Personalized Learning Program (PLP) classrooms are expected to be respectful of others and property; to participate to the best of their ability; and comply with all District policies and school rules.

Grading is A-F or pass/fail and is based on attendance and participation.