Boys Basketball

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No off-season open gym until after spring break.



We expect:

  1. You to support our program and schedule meetings with the Coach for either before the season begins or after it ends. Your son will need to be present at the meeting. We will not meet with parents only!
  2. You to communicate to your son that even players who do not start or play a lot are important to the team.
  3. All parents to realize that hard work and discipline have their own rewards.
  4. We would appreciate negative comments about the coaches to be made in private, away from your son. Allow your son to attempt to have a positive experience even if your experience is not positive.
  5. All parents to read the player rules we have for our program. We also expect parents to hold their son accountable if a rule is broken.
  6. All parents to understand that basketball is a team sport and the team is the top priority and personal goals come second.
  7. All parents to refrain from yelling at the officials and opposing players/coaches.
  8. All parents to please not approach coaches before, during, or after a practice or game to talk about playing time or any other problem you may have with him.
  9. Coaches will not discuss playing time issues with parents. Any other questions or concerns that you may have about your son or program we would be happy to address either before or after the season with your son present at the meeting as well!


  1. We provide a safe environment for your son to play the game of basketball.
  2. We will take pride in having your son playing in our program.
  3. We will try our best to transfer our knowledge of the game of basketball to your son.
  4. We will be organized and communicate with parents on what is happening in our program.
  5. We will always try to bring a sense of pride to putting on the Cardinal and Gold and stepping onto the court.
  6. We will try to make every player feel like they are an important part of this program, which they are.
  7. We will try our best to prepare your son for situations that may arise on the field and in life.
  8. We will stress the importance of academics and will hold our players accountable.
  9. We will coach to the players that are there. If a player misses a game or practice, they will have to earn their spot back.
  10. We will be happy to discuss what your son can do to improve their basketball skills before or after the season. We will not meet with parents without the player being present at any meeting!

Having to cut players is the most difficult part of coaching. Having to tell a player that he will not be able to be part of the team is the worst part of coaching a basketball team each year. However, there are only so many spots on a team. Typically, the Varsity, J.V., and C-Teams will carry around 10 to 12 players each. Cuts in a sport like basketball are not perfect and completely objective like a more individual sport where an individual score determines who plays where. Basketball has so many aspects to the game other than who scores the baskets. This makes for much more subjectivity in the cut process and for coaches to make cuts depending on a variety of factors. The main factors that will be used to make cuts are the following:

1. SKILL LEVEL= This includes fundamentals like shooting, dribbling, defense, rebounding, foot speed, jumping ability, passing, etc.

2. GRADES= If a player has grade issues that are going to impact eligibility, the chances of that player making the team is very low.

3. CHARACTER= If a player is doing the right things both in and out of school, the chances of that player makes the team improves. If coaches have to worry that a player is making poor decisions in school and/or out of school, it makes it difficult for the coaches to have that player represent our school in our basketball program.

4. TEAM PLAYERS= Our program is looking for players that care as much about their fellow teammates success as they do about their own. We want players in our program who are willing to sacrifice their personal goals for the good of the team. We are looking for high energy, passionate, and dedicated young men who want to help us build the best basketball program we possibly can. If players are committed to the team succeeding, personal success will happen naturally. We want the most unselfish players we can find in our program.


The above are the areas the coaches will look at when making cuts. No cut process is a perfect science. However, the coaches in the Capital High School Boys Basketball program believe in this process. Through this system we will be able to build a program that has players who not only are good basketball players that help us build a winning program, but also are young men that are unselfish, perform in the classroom, and have integrity. The Capital High School Boys Basketball program will be a program that the CHS community can be proud of.


Cougar Basketball Expectations


Players are expected to:



Attend every practice

  • Be 15 minutes early. Practice starts at 5:30, so be there by 5:15
  • The COACH must be notified before any absence by a player
  • An unexcused absence will result in a 3 day suspension
  • Being late to practice will result in running for the whole team
  • Being late to practice/games 3 times will result in being dismissed from the team
  • 2 unexcused absences from practice/games will result in being dismissed from the team.
  • Missing, being late, or not being able to finish practice/games will result in less playing time the next game.


Participate in Fund Raising

  • Help with Little Cougars games on Saturdays during season
  • Participate in Free Throw A-Thon during Thanksgiving Break or Winter Vacation


Keep up Academics and Respect the Athletic Code

  • See the districts eligibility requirements
  • You have the responsibility to adhere to the athletic code. You signed it and you need to understand the consequences.

Practice and Play Hard

  • If you want to be on the court, you need to hustle at all times
  • Play with great energy, joy, and passion

Be Coachable and a GREAT TEAMMATE!

  • These are people you will be spending the next 3 months with.
  • Make it fun!
  • To become a good basketball player you must be willing to listen and try new ideas.

Be a Great Member of the Community

  • Make decisions that will bring a good name to the Cougar Boys Basketball Program
  • Show pride in wearing the Cardinal and Gold and be a role model for young players in the community.