CPT Process

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The Computerized Placement Test (CPT) is designed to measure your knowledge and skill levels in reading, English, and math. The CPT is administered on a computer and is not timed. You will read the directions and questions on the computer monitor and select the answers using the keyboard or mouse. Results of this test will indicate which course levels are most appropriate for you. To participate in the Running Start Program, test scores must reflect BOTH College level English and be at College level reading.

  • Sentence Skills: test score must have a score of 80 (minimum) or higher.
  • Reading: test score must have a score of 80 (minimum) or higher.
  • Combined scores must be 180 (minimum) or higher.

It is recommended that the math portion of the placement test be taken as well. Knowledge of your math placement may allow you to take other courses that have a math prerequisite.

Testing set up:

  • Go online to www.spscc.ctc.edu/student_services/accuplacer and follow the instructions. You will be asked to use a student I.D. # (social security # can be used). If you wish to have a student number assigned by the college, please call (360) 596-5241.
  • Arrive early and plan to spend 1 _ to 2 hours to complete the testing process.
    or 8:00am testing time ­ please allow time to find parking.

After you arrive on campus:

  • Pick up a parking permit from the Security Office in Building 25 or buy a daily parking permit for $2.00 at the Mottman Road entrance to the campus.
  • Pay your $15.00 fee at the cashier window. Remember, when paying you will be asked to give your student I.D. #. Keep your receipt, as you will be asked for it when you check in at testing.
  • Have a seat in the lobby. The test proctor will announce the test.
  • Remember photo identification is required ­ State Driver's License, Passport, State ID, Military ID, or current school (ASB) ID only. No exceptions!

Test scores are given to the student immediately after the test session.

  • If you are successful in taking the CPT, you will want to keep your test scores until you can meet with your high school counselor to discuss your scores and prepare to register for the next quarter.
  • If you are not successful at this session, you may want to reschedule. The CPT test can be taken twice the first quarter attempted and once each quarter after that.