CTE Department Meeting Procedures

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CTE Meeting Norms

  1. Be on time / start on time / end on time

  2. Have clear goals or agendas

    • Achive the goals of the meeting and be done
    • When presenting an idea after 2 minutes pass either shelve the idea until next time or be done
    • When an idea is offered and 2 minutes have passed, at least 2 other staff members need to offer ideas before the originator speaks again
  3. Have defined roles:

    • monitor:
    • facilitator: 
    • time keeper: 
    • note taker, publisher of minutes: 
  4. Open conversation at the table - confidentiality away from the table.

  5. Be present:

    • no side activities,
    • email,
    • paper grading,
    • phones,
    • etc.
  6. Encourage consideration of all school staff:

    • part time,
    • classified,
    • custodial,
    • etc.
  7. Remember who is not at the meeting. Decision making:

    • Have a consensus when possible and support the outcome.
    • Be clear about whose decision this is.