January 3, 2018

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January 3, 2018
Posted on 01/03/2018

We are on Schedule B today and Schedule A tomorrow.

Student Section:  

All freshmen please meet in the theatre during Coug Time A this Friday.

Volleyball winter workouts will begin Monday Jan. 8th. Workouts will be on Mondays and Thursdays right after school from 2:35-3:30.  Workouts are open to anyone that would like to participate.

Traffic Safety @ Capital High!!

Winter  5 week course

Dates: 1/9/2018 to 2/8/2018

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Career Center:


Be sure to check out the Career Center’s Communications regarding upcoming visits from colleges and universities, Career Cruising information, graduation requirements, scholarships and more.  You can sign up for events online through the Career Center’s webpage (in the Communications, Visitors & Special Events tab) or in the Career Center

Sports and Activities:

Please visit our league website for the most up to date information:  www.sscathletics.org

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kathy Cognasso 360-596-8073

January 3

Boys C/JV/V Basketball vs. CK at CHS-start times 5:15/5:15/7:00

Girls C Basketball vs. CK at CKMS-start time 5:15, bus leaves 3:15

Girls JV/V Basketball vs. CK at CKHS-start times 5:15/7:00, bus leaves 3:15

Girls Bowling at Westside Lanes 3pm

January 4

Boys/Girls Wrestling at CHS 6/7pm

Boys Swim at Shelton-start time 3:30-dismiss at 1:35

Girls Bowling at Westside Lanes 3pm

January 5

Boys C/JV/V Basketball vs. NThurston at CHS-start times 5:15/5:15/7:00

Girls C/JV/V Basketball at NThurston-start time 5:15/5:15/7:00, bus leaves 4:00

Debate to University of Puget Sound-bus leaves 6am

January 6

Debate to University of Puget Sound-bus leaves 6am

January 9

Girls Bowling vs. Shelton at Westside Lanes 3pm

January 10

Boys C-Team/JV/Varsity Basketball at GHHS-start time 5:15/5:15/7:00

bus leaves 3:15

Girls C-Team/JV/Varsity Basketball vs. GHHS at CHS-start time 5:15/5:15/7:00

January 11

Boys Swim at TESC-start time 3:30

dismiss students at 2:10

Girls Bowling vs. Timberline at Westside Lanes-3pm

January 12

Boys C/JV/V Basketball at Shelton-5:15/5:15/7:00

bus leaves 3:50

Girls C/JV/V Basketball vs. Shelton at CHS-5:15/5:15/7:00

Gymnastics at Ally Oop Gym-start time 7:30

Debate at Federal Way-dismiss at 1:20

January 13

Boys/Girls Wrestling at River Ridge-van leaves 7:15am

Debate at Federal Way-bus leaves 6am

Dance to Edmonds Woodway HS-depart 8:30am


Parent Section:

Please call our attendance line at 360-596-8019 to have your student excused.  Thank you for your help and support of our attendance policy!

Upcoming Events:

1/3   Schedule B

1/5   Coug Time

1/10 Schedule B

1/12 Coug Time

1/15 No School for MLK

1/17 MLK Assembly Special Schedule

1/18 Winter Play

1/19 Coug Time

1/19 Winter Play

1/20 Winter Play

1/24 Schedule B

1/25 Winter Play

1/26 Winter Play

1/26 Coug Time

1/27 Winter Play

1/31 Finals pds 1&2 - 1:30 release

2/1 Finals pds 3&4 - 10:52 release
2/2 Finals pds 5&6 - 10:52 release