Program Goals

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Three Areas of Focus

Scenius (Teams)

  • Students contribute to and manage a thriving creative community
    • How? - Promote Joy in Work and Effective Work-flow
      • Conduct Total Quality Learning (TQL) planning and review
      • Scrum!
        • Plan and run teaming activities

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Self-directed Life-long Learners (Individual)

  • Students iterate workflow; establish learning intentions (goals) based on standards, develop personal learning network (PLN) and personal knowledge-base, document growth, conduct collaborative peer review, and contribute to class knowledge-base
    • How? - Demonstrate Standards
      • Professional Skills
        • 21st Century Skills (Behavior)
      • Technical Skills
        • Audio Production career related
        • Cinematography / Film career related
        • Game Design career related
      • Arts Standards
        • Music
        • Visual Arts
      • Business Standards
        • Finance
      • Core Content Standards
        • Language Arts
          • Writing
          • Researching
        • Math
          • Fractions
          • Geometry
          • Logic
        • Science
          • Sound Waves
          • Experiments
        • Health
          • Life Choices
          • Brain
      • At the beginning of each class session (four week interval involving pre-production (RESEARCH & PLANNING, production (CREATING), post-production (PUBLISHING), and review (FEEDBACK)); set intention (goal) based on standards, define tasks, set schedule, research, evaluate, and marshal resources and then work on project
      • At the end of each session; conduct collaborative peer review, add to portfolio and resume

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Portfolio and Resume Development (Learning Evidence)

  • Students continually develop professional collection of work, resources and accomplishments
    • How? - Maintain personal blog, resume and dossier of achievements with feedback from peers and advisers
      • Participate in Leadership Opportunities
        • SkillsUSA
          • Four positions per class
        • Book club
          • Read a fundamentals book related to class content and be active in book club meetings
        • Scrum Master
          • Read the Scrum book and participate in book club meetings
        • Event Production / Participation / Performance
          • Help plan and execute an event related to the class
            • March Media Madness Night March 6th, 7-9PM in CHS Theater
            • Breakfast Club Friday mornings at 7AM
            • Spring Arts Night
              • Help set up and take down on May 20th 5-8PM
              • Perform live music
              • Demo games
              • Show and discuss student films
            • SkillsUSA Regional Contests
              • Compete or help run Digital Cinema Production Jan. 11th, 2020 9AM-2PM
              • Compete or help run Audio/Radio Production Jan. 18th, 2020 9AM-2PM
              • Compete in professional skills competitions Jan 18th, 2020 at River Ridge HS
                • Job Interview
                • Resume
            • Saturday School 10AM-Noon
              • Mentor or be mentored in technical skills
      • Complete Certifications
        • Precision Exams
          • 21st Century Skills
          • Preparing for College and Careers
          • Video Production
          • Gaming Development
        • Adobe Premiere
        • Unity
        • SoloLearn C# Programming
        • Scrum!

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