IB Success!

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IB Success!

To quote Tina Turner, IB Class of 2021, YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST! 

IB results are out AND YOU CRUSHED IT!

IB orals in English and Language B prepped and held via zoom, no problem. Barely start History IAs then closure and they're still due at the end of the 2019-20 school year - got it covered. Brand new Math curriculum with not only new but more curriculum, yeah, whatever. Lost learning? Well, IB Chem will see your claim and raise you WITH THE BEST AVERAGE CHEM SCORES EVER! Distance learning for the experiment based Psych IA - got you covered. ESS and SEHS, no in person time with students before IAs are due, no problem. Film and Visual Arts with practically no mitigations despite the challenges of COVID - easy peasy.  Predicted grades based on historical averages despite this year being anything other than typical, well IB we'll just make you adjust upwards by the quality of our students' work then! You thought the EEs were student centered before - well COVID put that on steroids AND IT DIDN'T MATTER! And apparently TOK actually means, Truly Outstanding Koaching! (okay, roll with me here!). Great job, Ms. Young and IB Diploma Candidates!

Here are the specifics


  • 19 of 22 diplomas awarded - over half topping the gold standard 30 point line and an average score (31) which also topped the gold standard!

  • Average award English (4.4), French (5.2), Japanese (5.5), Spanish (5.63), History (4.91), Psych (5.22), Chem (4.12), Math Analysis (4.57), Math Applications (4.55), Film (4.67), TOK (2.5 of 4) EE (2.05) of 4. (and remember, in all areas but TOK and the EE, a score of 4 means college credit!)

  • The following subjects surpassed the international average in the IB: Japanese (5.50, world 5.42), Spanish (5.63 to 5.28), History (4.91 to 4.50), Psych (5.22 to 5.00) and HL Film (4.67 to 4.63). Special shout out to Mr. Deakins (Psych and History) and Mr. Vandiver (History) as their students have ALWAYS outpaced the international average!

  • Total potential award for college credit earned: over $500,000!

Well done, IB Class of 2021 - but to paraphrase a saying you hear in sports, next class up, the IB Diploma Class of 2022!


For more information on the CHS IB Program contact Mr. Ken Joling, jolingkl@osd.wednet.edu