Washington Occupational Information System

Capital High School uses WOIS for our vocational education career interest inventories.
Students can access the test and results can be saved on that system,
along with resumes, career research, awards, and other student information. The portfolios
are available online and students can continue to have access after graduation to the
information. In addition, administrator access allows teachers to monitor the portfolios and student records.

WOIS (Washington Occupational Information System) is the most widely used
career information in Washington. It is a private, non-profit organization updated annually
and provides information linked to public and private colleges in the state. The career
pathways at Capital High School are patterned after WOIS structuring and classroom
activities are linked to state EALRs. WOIS also provides school inservice opportunities for

WOIS can be used inpidually with students or as a group activity in our computer labs. In
addition,WOIS instructors have come in to work with classes on career research activities.
The school is exploring having our High School and Beyond portfolio available electronically
through WOIS.

Login at WOIS

To obtain the school login name and password, contact the Career Specialist, Shannon
Garrett by calling 596-8041.