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Running Start Registration Process


First Time Registration

  • All potential Running Start students are required to take the Computerized Placement Test (CPT). The test fee is $15.00 and is typically offered Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. You may register for the test on-line at and follow the prompts to get your appointment. To access CPT practice tests go to , then read and follow the links. Photo identification is required to obtain test scores.
  • If you pass the CPT, make an appointment with your CHS counselor. Bring your test results. If you meet the minimum testing admission requirement, your counselor will review the Capital High School Course Transfer Guide with you and show you how to fill out the Running Start Application. Passing the CPT makes you eligible to enroll in classes that are 100 level or above.
  • Pick up Running Start Information from your counselor: a Capital High School Running Start Information sheet, Registration Process and a Capital High School Course Transfer Guide. Students/parents are encouraged to go to the website for more information: . This is a comprehensive site that will answer many of your questions.
  • The SPSCC Quarter Schedule is available on-line or at SPSCC.
  • Fill out the Running Start Registration Application by going online to the SPSCC website. You can go to to search for selected classes that meet your time requirements. Make sure you have scheduled classes to arrive on time either at CHS or SPSCC. Students will not be permitted to leave classes early, so make sure travel periods are part of your CHS schedule. Read the Terms of Agreement on your application. Your signature confirms acknowledgment and awareness of the Running Start agreement. Return the form to your counselor for their signature. The CHS counselor is the last person to sign the completed application.
  • Personally submit your application to the Running Start Coordinator's office at SPSCC.
  • New Running Start students are sent letters confirming receipt of their paperwork, schedule of 0rientations, and other essential information to start the quarter.

Returning Student Registration

  • Each quarter pick up your personal pin number (these change every quarter) in order to register on-line and a Running Start Application from your CHS counselor. The Capital High School daily bulletin will indicate when pin numbers are available.
  • Register for classes on-line with your pin number. Registering on-line enables students to immediately enroll in an open SPSCC class. Fill out the Running Start Application Form to include the courses you enrolled in on-line, with applicant and parent signature. Return the form to your counselor for their signature. The CHS counselor is the last person to sign the completed application.
  • Running Start Applications must be filled out each quarter, have a counselor's signature and be submitted in person to the Running Start Office at SPSCC in order for tuition fees to be paid by Washington State.

Postcard confirmations are sent to students who have completed and turned in their paperwork.
IF you have registered for a class and have not turned in the paperwork by Friday of the first week of classes ­ YOU WILL BE DROPPED.