Mar. 15, 2017 Department Meeting

Mar. 15, 2017 Department Meeting

WHERE: CTE Staff Room
WHEN: 7:15 AM
PRESENT: Amanda Beers, Steve Bellande, Angel Elam, Brenda Grabski, Scott Le Duc, Allison McFadden, William Murray, Kevin Wright, Kathy Watts

NOT PRESENT, BUT PRESENT IN SPIRIT: Kristina Cummins, Andres Lopez


  1. Review Dept. Head meeting notes
  2. Discuss issues for feedback at Friday’s coordinators’ meeting


  1. Spring Final’s Schedule: will have finals on Friday
  2. School Calendar / PLC planning
  3. Professional Development Days in the fall
    • Sensitivity training
    • Skyward possibilities 
    • Mental Health Concerns 
    • Other
  4. Danielson Framework: remedial/training for non-Danielson teachers
    • Curtis is looking for ideas for the fall professional development days. Already listed: sensitivity training, skyward possibilities, student (teacher?) mental health concerns.
    • Curtis will be working with a group of 15 to 20 teachers to create walk-through tools for Danielson - goal is to promote understanding, improve grasp of Danielson framework. He plans a couple afternoons to work on it - let him know if you're interested.
    • More information about what will happen on the 3 senior make up days will be coming out soon.
  5. Additional Senior Days: 3 days must be offered – April 22, 29, May 6; info later on who/what/compensation
  6. 8th Grade Parent Night next Thursday – attending?
  7. For the good of the order: your concerns, issues here.