Skyward Tips and Tricks

Alex Parker- Presenter

  • Widgets to Add- Can get your whole list of your students. Must add this widget to get this. When you log in, select widgets. Click on what you want and hit save. Click on Teacher’s Students to get all students right away. Just remember to hit save. You can also move your widgets on your home page if you wish.
  • Teacher access-post daily attendance-by seating chart-printer friendly listing. Then you get a picture based seating chart to use. You can change the picture sizes. Print Indicators-click off of this to help with confidentiality issues.
  • There are other ways, like through Gradebook to have access to this page.
  • In the seating chart you can set the rows and seats to adjust the chart to your needs.
  • Grading Categories-A lot of the categories are white in color, but you can find some new categories that are different colors-so this could help you if you find assignments better by color than title as many are white in color.
  • Alex is willing to help people set up an automated email system to let them know their grades. Say every Tuesday at 2am the student will get an email with their grades. You have to set it up at the start of each semester.
  • Putting in student discipline-Click on Discipline, then add, then you can put in the discipline information. Kristie is the discipline officer. Kristie will send us an email at the start of the year with what and how she wants us to do this.

David Johnston-Presenter

  • Secondary Gradebook-Main Screen-Add Assignment-used to add a brief description of the assignment. Add a detailed description as much as possible. Then click on attach-you can then upload the worksheet/document you handed out to the class. you can then print up the assignment sheet-this will provide the absent student the details of what they missed including the missed document.
  • Attachment Maintenance-click on browse-find your document you created then click attach. It will upload that document into Skyward.
  • THIS is VERY helpful to avoid emails from parents as the assignment is now there for the parent/student to download, print off and complete.
  • Message Center- use it to let parents know about upcoming information. Send out a welcome message.
  • There is a check box on this system to select just students or just parents. It will send the parents an email.

From Chris McNabb

  • Clicking on the male/female icon rather then the name takes you to differnt places
  • In attendance mode you can sort a class by grade level