Weather issues


I have had many questions about what to wear when it gets cold, so I thought I would put it here so everyone could find it easily - Coach Miller also has some information on his blog about staying warm


Layers are key!! a good base layer that is water resistant, like an under amoure type shirt is good. Just about every company that makes athletic clothes has some sort of shirt that is good. South sound Running has some very good ones but they can be as much as $45. You can also get a cheaper solid shirt at Target or Big 5.

You will also want a shirt for warmth. I wear cotton under a dry-fit shirt sometimes if it is not raining too bad. Long sleeves are a must, it can be a shirt or sweatshirt but stay covered!!!!!

As Far as legs go, spandex tights are great. There are basically 3 lengths-
Short, which many of the girls have
Medium - These will cover most is not all of your thigh. (these are the most Versatile)
Long(full length): Cover your whole leg (many people only like these if it is very cold)


We are required by rule to make sure that we match what we are wearing under our uniforms, here are some important things to remember about your uniform rules when you go to purchase clothes to wear under your uniform.

1. Everyone has to wear the same color. We choose black spadex pants, and a white shirt, because it is the easiest for everyone to match.
2. What ever you wear must be a SINGLE Solid color no strips or reflective tape or anything
3. There can only be ONE logo on your clothes. Some companies put a logo on the front and the tag on the outside back of the garment. That makes it illegal. Please watch that before you purchase any clothes
4. There can be no writing on the garment - a manufacturer logo has to be less than 1.5" square.

If you have any questions about these rules please ask, I will do my best to answer them.