Baby Book Project

The Baby Book project

Baby book projects must be typed- if there is an issue with this please see Mrs. T.


Please put your final project together in this order

 10pts 1. Cover- colorful, name, period, title 

15pts 2. Father interview- see interview questions

15pts 3. Mother interview- see interview questions

        Please ask the following questions to your Mom and Dad, or guardian or the person that best fits these roles for you. If a parent is not an option you must ask someone who is a mom or is a dad. Your own parent or step-parent is the preference. Parent signatures need to accompany the interviews.

 Choose 3 of the following questions to ask in an interview. The questions do not have to be the same for both parents.

        1. What is your fondest memory from your childhood?

        2. What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

        3. What is the best or most rewarding thing about being a          parent?

        4. How old were you when you had your first child and did you feel ready or prepared?

        5. How did having a child(ren)change your life?

 25pts 4. Stages of Development of the baby- this is done in class

 10pts  5. Baby expenses- These are given as in class notes


Please cite sources for numbers 6-10 or you will receive no credit.

You may not use garage sales/goodwill/hand-me-downs/ebay etc...for this project

26pts 6. Furniture and linen cost (2pts each)

            1. Crib                          7. 4 baby towels

           2. Crib mattress             8. Plastic bath tub for infants

           3. 2 sets of crib sheets    9. Infant car seat

           4. Dresser                     10. Changing pad

           5. Bumper pad set for crib 11. Baby stroller

           6. High chair                  12. 4 baby blankets

        13. Total cost for all items _______________


24pts 7. Baby care supplies (2pts each)

             1. Bottles (at least 3)      6. baby shampoo/wash

            2. 320 disposable diapers 7. baby lotion

            3. baby wipes                 8. infant thermometer

            4. diaper rash cream       9. hair brush/comb

            5. formula                     10. infant nail clippers

                                               11. infant tylenol

          12. total cost for all items _______________


18pts 8. Clothing items (2pts each)

             1. 6 cotton undershirts/onesies      5. 4 cotton pajamas

            2. 6 pants/leggings                      6. 1 pair of shoes/booties

            3. 2 sweaters/sweatshirts             7. 6 pairs of socks

            4. 3 bibs                                    8. 1 warm coat

          9. total for all items___________________


8pts 9. Other baby items (2pts each)

            1. 3 burp cloths

            2. 2 infant appropriate toys

            3. 2 pacifiers 

         4. total for all items____________________


20pts 10. Monthly cost for Child Care- you must call 2 different child care centers in the area that take newborns through 1 year olds. You must ask for the full time rate (full day, 5 days a week). Include the cost, Centers name and the phone number. You may use an in home daycare as 1 of your centers.


 All of the above items are separate from the budget- only the items listed below are to be included in the monthly budget.

 100pts 11. Budget

 You will come up with a detailed monthly plan on how you will budget you money. You will have $1,200 to budget for the month. You are budgeting as a single parent with no outside help.

Please cite sources for each item. Points will be deducted.

 a. Rent- you will need to find a place to live. Cut the article out of the paper or print it off of the internet. You must turn it in with the project. You are not allowed to live with parents or relatives or share apartment space with anyone else. (10pts)

 b. Budget power (electricity)- get info from parents (5pts)

 c. Water and garbage- get info from parents (5pts)

 d. Phone- what service and cost (5pts)

 e. Transportation- bus/taxi fare or car and maintenance/insurance (5pts)

f. Child care- choose one from above (5pts)

 g. Baby care supplies for 1 month (5pts) include from above- 320 diapers, wipes and 4 cans of formula

h. Food for you- plan in detail 1 days worth of food. You will multiply it by 30 to get a rough estimate of 1 months worth of food. You must have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You cannot eat the same foods for the 3 meals. Show your menu, it must be itemized. Example- write the price of a box of cereal ($3.00) then divide it by the number of servings in each box. Estimate how many servings you would eat at one time (2). Figure how much money you would be spending for each day. Do this for all other items. Show your total of your 1 day and also the 30 days of meals. (20pts)

i. Bare necessities for home (2pts each)

   1. soap                    

   2. toothpaste            6. toilet paper

   3. toothbrush            7. laundry soap

   4. shampoo/conditioner 8. dish soap

   5. deodorant             9. household cleaner

    10. total of all items _________________


j. Baby clothing for 1 month (5pts) pick a few items to purchase each month

 k. Clothes for you for 1 month (5pts) optional depending on your budget and priorities

 l. Entertainment (5pts) cable, movies, bowling, dinner out????

 m. Total monthly cost for everything (5pts)

 20pts 12. Your evaluation of the assignment. What major concepts or ideas did you learn from completing this project? If you went over budget, explain why and what you could do to eliminate some spending.

 25pts 13. Neatness and Organization of the baby book. Please put information in the book in order of this sheet.