Japanese Club


Everybody is invited to join the Japanese Club.  The Japanese Club is focused around the Japanese language and culture.

The club has many fun activities , such as:

     ---movie night, origami, tea time, anime contest, & kite making.

     ---Fund raising activity is a candy sale in December.

     ---And the one that everyone likes is going to local Japanese restaurants.


October club activities:

The club did origami --Danielle Cooper taught how to make a balloon while each member was having tea and a chocolate chip cookie.

November club activities:

Each club member will make a origami crane for to attach to the candy or candy gram sale.  They will also work on the poster for candy gram sale.

December club activities:

Candy gram sale during two lunch times --- take order and sale at the same time.


Novembers club activities:

On the club day, we will be folding Origami for December Candy Gram and making posters.  Don't forget to bring some sweets!  We will have some tea also.


December club activities:

Candy Gram Sale:  Let's make some money for our going out to the Japanese restaurant.

Thanks to all who helped "Candy Gram." 

January club activities:

We need to discuss upcoming activities. 

January club:

The club started out with green tea drinking.  The year book picture was taken today also.  The club members discussed what kinds of the things they like to do in club.  The ideas came up were: kite making and flying, Ikebana, Anime drawing, Origami,and watch movies.


Feb club activity:

The club will practice drawing the animation character.  There will be two people to teach to everybody.  So if you have a comic book or a drawing book, please bring it to the club day.