Japanese 2

Japanese 2 Class:

This course is for studnets with limited experience with Japanese. Japanese 2 will provide you with a basic knowledge of Japanese through the practice of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing and kanji, as well as work with cultural materials. Class will be conducted in Japanese as much as possible and emphasis will be placed on correct verb conjugation, and kanji usage. The course continues with increased emphasis on writing and accuracy in speaking. Name of the book use in classroom is: Adventures in Japanese 2.

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The week of 9/4 - 9/6:

The class will review how to read time in Japanese (lesson 7-2).  From 9/5 the class will start lesson 7-3. 

The week of 9/9 - 9/13:

This week, the students will learn lesson 7-3 words and grammar and they are able to write the correct sentences using these words.  By looking at the pictures in this lesson drill, each student is able to describe what the person is doing  (also using time, too).   By using new words, the students interview a partner (see activity sheet).  They also will interview the different partners asking 6 questions, and draw pictures; then, report to class orally.

The week of 11/18 - 11/22:

In this week, the class will cover lesson 11-3 which they have to memorize all adjectives.  The students will practice using these adjectives with the connected words as many as they can think of.  Also review using adjectives with nouns.  They will use privious lesson's ~from ~till to write a paragrahp about ken's shcedule.  Then as their homework, the students will write their own schedule in a chart.  Then, the next day, they will interview a partner.  Once they master these adjecties in the sentences, the class will move onto lesson 11-4.  In this lesson, the students will learn how to use "because/since/so" in the sentences.  They will use picture cards to practice.

The week of 11/25 - 11/27:

Thanksgiving week.  In this week, the class will review 11-4 vocabulary words and how to use "because, since, so" in the sentences.   The students will practice this by using teacher prepared card.  Also, review i adjective negative form.  Wednesday will be a quiz on 11-3 & 11-4.

The week of 12/2 - 12/6:

The class will start from lesson 11-5.  They will practice vocabulary using warm ups and activity sheet.  Bu using picture cards, the students will practice how to use "want" in the sentences  (using noun and verbs).  They will also draw what they want and not want items in Christmas.  Then, use this picture to share with a several students their want/not want list  in Christmas speaking in Japanese.   The last lesson in this chapter is the listening comprehension. 

The week of 12/9 - 12/13:

In this week, the class will start lesson 12-1.  They will learn how to describe when they are sick.  After vocabulary practice, the students will have a short skit (topic and situation is prepared by a teacher).  This lesson has no grammar, so after second day, the class will move into lesson 12-2.   In this lesson, the class will learn how to conjugate verbs into ~want to form.  Using picture cards and real world situation, the students will have a short skit.

The week of 12/16 - 12/20:

In this week, the students will continue reviewing lesson 12-2 vocabulary and also master how to conjugate verb want form.  There is an activity where they have to use this lesson vocabulary to interview each other and answer with the reason ~からform.  Also, another activity, they will draw pictures of what they think the other person want and do a short presesntation about it.   From Wednesday, the class will move into lesson 12-3.  In this lesson is no grammar, so the sutdents will practice vocabulary.

The week of 1/6 - 1/10:

In this week, the class will move into lesson 12-4.  This lesson will focus about how to use Na adjectives with nouns.  The students will practice vocabulary words with their partners and practice creating sentences with na adj + nouns.  By part of their vocabulary practice, the students will do the filling blanks with the appropriate vocabulary words.  Also, kanji list 1 - 6 will be practiced.    

The week of 1/21 - 1/24:

In this week, the class will work on lesson 12-5.  They will practice new vocabulary with their neighbors by asking each words.  They will practice vocabulary by filling blanks with the appropriate words on the worksheet provided by a teacher.  After this, the students will practice kanji before the reading comprehension on lesson 12-4 & 12-5.  This reading sheet is made by a teacher.  After kanji practice, the students will read the sheet by highlighting the words they know.  There will be a small questions and discussion by paragraph by paragraph.  When the students finish reading this, they will see the questions.  First they will try their own, and then, compare with neighbor to see if there is any questions.

The week of 1/27 - 1/31:

This is a final exam week.  So Mon and Tue are review day.  The final is ch 11, 12 & 13-1 (te-form).  So on lesson 13-1, each student has to memorize the te-form song.  Wed is periods 1 & 2, Th, periods 3 & 4, and Fri periods 5 & 6.  みなさん がんばってください。

The week of 2/3 - 2/7:

In this week, the class will review 13-1 te-form and learn when and why they have to learn te-forms.  So the students will able to describe the picture using te-forms.  Also, the class will practice reading comprehension by using a worksheet listed many te-forms (A  Ken's day)  As the students read paragraphs, they mark the pictures below by matching the vocabulary they are reading.   After finish reading, they will figure out by the pictures the unknow words ,and work with a pair to figure out the meaning of the sentences.  Then,  each student will draw pictures by sequence what they did in a day.  Later, they will present this picture to a class (give an orall presentation).

The week of 2/10 - 2/14:

In this week, the class will start from lesson 13-3.  They will memorize all vocabulary by practicing each other and by power points.  In this lesson, they have to know how adjectives + nouns will be used in the sentences.  They will learn how to use "or" in the sentences in two different way.  At the same time, each students will work on their oral story -- same as the last week.  Each students will come up a story by looking at the picture/s.

The week of 2/24 - 2/28:

In this week, the students will learn how to write a long essay instead of just a half page long as almost everyone was writing.  So the topic is "I" and will use the Deshler's Tower outline paper for the students to gather the ideas together.  I will show them the example and will discuss the best way of writing essay.  Once the outline is filled, I will show them how to put this outline into a paragraph.  The will also work on the lesson 13-4.  They already know how to count money in Japanese, so the lessons will be going to shopping.  They are given some money in the envelop and asked to go shopping with handout paper.