Chris McNabb

Mr. Chris McNabb's Homepage.


This is my 28th year of teaching.  I've taught in the Issaquah School District and the Olympia School District.  My wife and I live in Tumwater;  we have 3 wonderful children and one awesome son-in-law, and lots of critters to occupy our time.   As hobbies I enjoy reading, theater, film, woodworking, and caring for the 17 animals we own.  During my career I've been involved various co-curricular positions including Softball Coach, Soccer Coach, film club advisor, and Musical Director.  

During the 2017-2018 school year, the classes I teach are...

APEX (click here to go to apex site)

Geometry (click here for syllabus)

Pre Calc (click here for syllabus)


Click here to read the Introduction to the MVP curriculum

Click here for Washington State Learning Standards

For year one click here

For year two click here

For year three click here


Algebra 2 and PreCalc classes use the following category weights

Homework/Opening Problems -10%  Tests/quizzes-80%  Projects, rule grade and other-10%

(Hw and OP are about 5% each)


Grading Scales

Grades in all classes follow the following scales

A (100 - 93)
A- (92.9-90)
B+(89.9 - 87) B (86.9 - 83) B-(82.9 - 80)
C+(79.9 - 77) C (76.9 - 73) C-(72.9 - 70)
D+(69.9 - 67) D (66.9 - 60)
F (59.9- 0.0)

Grades are not rounded (a 89.4% is just a very high B+).


Homework is given nearly everyday, and is expected to be done each night. I will try to keep an updated assignment list for each class on another part of this webpage.  Homework is very important to learning the material and to a students final grade, if a student chooses to not do homework it is very difficult for them to pass the class.  As long as homework is  turned in before a test it is still worth full points; after a test it becomes half credit.

General Rules

Students are expected to be on time and use time productively. Students are also expected to respect all people and property in this room.


All students in Geometry and Algebra 2, are expected to have a calculator with them. At all levels of math a scientific calculator is a minimum standard. A scientific calculator is one which has trigonometric functions on it [sin] [cos] and [tan] buttons. For next year students in Pre-calc should have a graphing calculator.   I personally recommend at least a TI-83 or higher. However others will work too. And older TI-81 and TI-82 can be purchased at greatly reduced costs at e-bay or local pawn shops.

Cell phones and other electronics

Cell phones, MP3s, I-pods, ebooks, etc  are to be turned off during class time. If I see them or hear them I get them, the student loses points, then I deliver them to the office and then the office handles progressive discipline.