Algebra 2

Capital High School

Algebra II, 2017-2018

Mrs. McKay



Welcome to Algebra II.  Algebra II will continue the foundation for nearly all higher-level mathematics.  We will be working together to build a cooperative community of mutual respect and shared purpose, while we study algebra and how it connects to our everyday lives. 


Scope and Sequence of Course

  • Quadratic Functions
  • Functions and their Inverses
  • Polynomial Functions
  • Rational Functions
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Modeling with Functions
  • Statistics



Your textbook this year will be a three-ring binder with materials taken from "The Mathematics Vision Project - Year Three".  The website to download supporting resources from is   The MVP curriculum requires students to be fully engaged in the classroom in order to develop mathematical ideas and concepts.  The curriculum is carefully designed to give students regular practice on what has been learned in class and a daily review of prior knowledge.  

Materials Required

                      Calculator (scientific or graphing, no cell phones or PDAs)

                      3-ring binder with paper  or spiral for assignments and notes

                      Pens and pencils

                      Graph paper


Daily Work

Daily work consists of assignments and in-class activities.  You should expect an assignment most days.  It is critical to do them as assigned and not to fall behind, as the topics we cover will build on each other.  Assignments from the previous day will be corrected in class and checked in with me.  Keep your assignments in a 3-ring binder or spiral along with your class notes.  In-class activities provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities by giving oral presentations, showing and explaining a problem at the document camera, creating posters, writing clear arguments, and helping fellow group members to understand without giving them the answers.


Tests and Quizzes

You will have regular quizzes.  Quizzes will contain questions related to concepts we have covered in class and are intended to give the student information about what he or she has learned. A poor quiz grade is an indication that a student should get additional help before the end-of-unit test.  Some quizzes will be taken as group quizzes and some will be taken as individual quizzes. Tests will be given at the end and/or the middle of a unit.


Grades * 

Your grade will be made up of the following percentages:

                   Projects/Participation      =10%

                   Assignments                         = 10%

                   Quizzes/Tests                      = 80%


All grades will be determined using the following scale:

A        93%-100%           A-      90%-92.9%

B+     87%-89.9%           B        83%-86.9% B-      80%-82.9%

C+     77%-79.9%           C       73%-76.9% C-      70%-72.9%

D+     67%- 69.9%         D       60%-66.9% F        < 60%


* I reserve the right to adjust the scale or weighting if necessary.     


Mrs. McKay’s Promise to Students

1.)  I will work with you to meet your learning goals.

2.)  I will set high expectations and challenge you.

3.)  I will respect you and work with you to solve problems.

4.)  I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise.

5.)  I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work.

6.)  I will come prepared to teach you everyday.


Classroom Rules

1.)  Students will act respectfully toward the teacher, self, others, and property.

2.)  Behavior that distracts from a learning environment or the learning process of any student will not be allowed.

3.)  Students will be in their assigned seat with all materials ready when the bell rings.  Class will remain in session until excused by the teacher.

4.)  No electronic devices or headphones in class.  Please turn these off and put them away before entering the classroom.  If seen or heard the device will be surrendered to the teacher and taken to the office until the end of the day.

5.)  No food/drink other than water is allowed in the classroom.

6.)  No other work or activity is permitted until all assigned math work is finished.


Attendance Policy

1.)  Attend class daily. The concepts we are studying build upon each other. You will earn participation points daily - if you are absent you may make these up before /after school with an appointment to work with Mrs. McKay.

2.)  You will have your assignments checked off each day.  If you have an excused absence you will have 24 hours to turn in the assignment. 


CHS Math Dept Test Retake Policy -  Any test during the course of hte semester may be retaken subject to the following guidelines:

1.)  You may only retake two tests during each semester.

2.)  Retakes will be scheduled by the teacher for a given day.

3.) Your new test score will be the retake test score.

4.) There are no retakes on final exams.

5.) You will need to demonstrate improved understanding in order to earn the privilege of a retake.

6.)  If you are absent when the original test is given, the retake is the only opportunity for the test. 



Extra Credit

Extra credit is a privilege, not a right.  It will be given at the teacher’s discretion.  Do not expect to use extra credit to make up a grade.



Students caught cheating will receive a zero on the test or assignment and parents will be notified.  This includes talking or any form of communication during a quiz/test/final, and copying another student’s work on projects or assignments.


All other disciplinary policies will be followed from the CHS or OSD student handbook.