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To be  college and career ready, students need to be able to integrate and apply 21st century skills, as well as core academic and technical knowledge.  Career and Technical Education programs are aligned with rigorous industry and academic standards.  The State of Washington has incorporated the 21st Century Leadership & Employability Skills Standards, developed from Partnership for 21st Century Skills organization, within the Career and Technical courses.  The 21st Century Skills Standards adopted by the State, focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.  These standards are essential to preparing students for complex lives and work environments in our  global economy.

The 21st Century Skills Standards students will be assessed on are grouped into eleven categories.  The categories include:
Learning and Innovation Skills: Learning and Innovation skills are what separate students who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments in today's world and those who are not.  They include: Creativity and Innovation
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Communication and Collaboration
Information, Media, and Technology Skills: Today we live in a technology and media-driven environment, marked by access to an abundance of information, rapid changes in technology tools and the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions on an unprecedented scale.  Effective citizens and workers must be able to exhibity a range of functional and critical thinking skills, such as: Information Literacy
Media Literacy
Information, Communication and Technology LIteracy (ICT)
 Life and Career Skills: Today's life and work environment require far more than thinking skills and content knowledge.  The ability to navigage the complex life and work environments in the globally competitive information age requires students to pay rigorous attention to developing adequate life and career skills, such as:     Flexibility and Adaptability
Initiative and Self-Direction
Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
Productivity and Accountability
Leadership and Responsibility

  • The grading scale used for assessing students is as follows:
    • 4 = Exceeds Standard
    • 3 = Meets Standard
    • 2 = Worked toward meeting standard, but did not complete
    • 1 = Made an attempt to meet standard, but did minimal work
    • 0 = Did not attempt to meet Standard

Each student is responsible for tracking and maintaining their score for the 21st Century Skills Standards for the course. Below is a link to a form for the course which has a list of the assessments that are available for demonstration of meeting or exceeding the standard throughout the semester.  There are multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills.  It is up to the student to record the activity immediately following the assessment.

Leadership - Assignment Form

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