Sales Presentation

Participation in this event will allow the individuals to demonstrate proficiency in sales techniques, merchandise knowledge, and presenting to the customer. Participants will sell a product or concept of their choice to the judges.


A presentation at the conference. All students who qualify for SBLC at their regional conferences will present in the preliminary round. 15 finalists will be selected to go on to finals.  For individual students.

  • Create your presentation based on the details below

  • Presentations include: 5 minutes to set up equipment, 7 minutes to present, and 3 minutes for judges' Q&A
    Presentation Feedback Form 

  • Rubric
    Suitable opening statement or remark
    Direct customer’s attention to merchandise

    Product Presentation:
    Questions involved customer
    Analyze and determine customer needs
    Interest in customer as an individual
    Adequate knowledge of product features
    Creates interest and desire for product
    Benefits matched to customer needs

    Suggestion Selling:
    Suggestion selling used

    Handling Objections:
    Welcomes and listens to all objections

    Takes advantage of customer reactions
    Handles and overcomes objections with respect
    Closes the sale 


Presentation Details

  • Provide the necessary materials and merchandise for the presentation along with the product.

  • Facts and data may be secured from any source, but the presentation must be the result of the student's own work.

  • Students may use notes, note cards, props, visual aids, and samples during the presentation. However, no items may be left with the judges or audience.