Graphic Design

An essential part of today’s business world is commercial graphic design; therefore, the preparation of computer-based digital art is paramount to the production of quality artwork and copy used for promotion purposes.

Production Competencies:

• required information is effectively communicated
• graphics, text treatment, and special effects show creativity and cohesiveness of design
• appropriate selection of fonts and type sizes
• overall layout and design is creative and appealing
• final product indicates a clear thought process and an intended, planned direction with formulation and execution of a firm idea


 This project is composed of two (2) parts:  a store name and a logo design.  Your task is to create a name for our Espresso Store and to also create a logo which can also be used on a business letter, envelope, pin or t-shirt.  This is an individual project so you should keep your ideas to yourself.  Designs may be drawn by hand or by computer software (MS Word, Paint, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, etc.)


  • Color selection will not be limited
  • Each color must be separated by either a gold, silver, or black line or outline
  • Outline must be the same for all colors and doesn’t count as a color itself
  • White and black are considered colors, except for black when used as outline only
  • Logo Design:
    • The logo size on a business letter, envelope, or pin would not exceed 1 inch
    • Please take into consideration the reduction in size and understand that very small detail in your design may not be seen
    • Logo design submissions may be any size (realize that they would need to be resized for different purposes as described above)
    • Logo must have the store name or logo on it
    • The logo must represent the store in words or symbolism so that there is no mistake in recognizing our store
    • Logos cannot pertain to any copyright material
    • You may use free graphics in your design but the design must be your own idea