Future Business Leader

This event honors outstanding FBLA members who have demonstrated leadership qualities, participation in FBLA, and evidence of knowledge and skills essential for successful careers in business. 


  • A one-hour online objective test before the conference, material submission before the conference, and an interview at the conference. The top 15 combined test scores and cover letters and resumes will present at SBLC. 
  • Interviews will be 15 minutes long for finals. At NLC, there will be a preliminary round, where interviews are 10 minutes long.
  • Rubric
    Cover Letter:
    States job for which applying
    Promotes self in letter. Lists skills, achievements, experience, etc.
    States that the resume is included with the letter and asks for an interview

    Targets job listed on cover letter
    Reader friendly—categories can be found easily, white space utilized, professional fonts and font sizes
    Included education, activities, and experience information
    Brief, concise information

    Spelling and Grammar:
    Documents are free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors


Event Details

  • A one page cover letter and resume must be uploaded. The cover letter should state the reasons for deserving the honor of the award, and be addressed to:
    Ms. Jean Buckley
    President and CEO
    FBLA-PBL, Inc.
    1912 Association Drive
    Reston, VA 20191

  • The resume should list your activities and involvement

  • Resumes should be brief and not exceed 1 page. Photographs are not allowed.