Lesson 1

A bounding box is a tool you can use to control the size and proportions of existing type.


The student will change the dimensions of type using a bounding box.

Lesson:  Display a bounding box

  1. Start Photoshop, Open PS 13-1.psd from the from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save your work to your folder on the server as PS_C13_L1_Classic Cat
  3. Display the rulers in pixels and display the Typography workspace
  4. Verify that the Classic Cat layer is active on the layers panel
  5. Click the Move tool on the Tools panel
  6. Click the Show Transform Controls check box on the options bar
    [Note:  Transform control handles surround the bounding box.  When you place the pointer on or near a handle, you can transform the shape of a bounding box]


You displayed the bounding box of a text selection to make it easier to adjust the size and shape of the layer contents.  Resizing a bounding box is the easiest way to change the appearance of an object or type layer.


Lesson:  Modify type using a bounding box