Web Design: Project 6 - Digital Narratives

In this project, you will use Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to create a digital narrative for an existing website about a school club or sports team. You will discover how to use techniques in Flash to create various film effects and then apply those techniques to building a narrative. You learn how rich media and animation you can create with Flash improves digital communication. You develop Flash skills through projects focused on a variety of filmmaking techniques and then apply those skills to planning and building a digital narrative.

The focus of this project is using interaction and animation for communication, taking a deeper look at audience and audience needs, and using Flash to enhance a visitor’s experience by using digital narratives. This is Project 6 in the Digital Design curriculum. Portions of this project map to the Adobe Certified Associate, Rich Media Communication with Adobe Flash CS6 objectives.

Student Guides

Example by Elijah Codorniz