Skills Review

Lesson:  Create an alpha channel


  1. Open PS 9-3.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save it as PS_C9_SR_Tools (your username)
  3. Make sure the rulers appear in pixels, then enlarge the image to 200%
  4. Display the Channels panel
  5. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool, then change the Feather to 25 on the options bar
  6. Create a selection from 70X / 50Y to 400X / 270Y (use the guides as a reference)
  7. Save the selection, using your choice of a name, on the Channels panel, then display the Alpha 1 channel
  8. Deselect the selection
  9. Open the Channel Options dialog box, select a blue color swatch of your choice at 50% Opacity, then close the Select channel color dialog box and the Channel Options dialog box
  10. Hide the Alpha 1 channel
  11. Save your work


Lesson:  Isolate an object

  1. Display the Layers panel
  2. Duplicate the Tools layer, then name it Red Tape
  3. Use the Elliptical Marquee tool to surround the outer edge of the roll of red tape
  4. Select the inverse of the selection, the delete the selection
  5. Use the Elliptical Marquee tool to select the interior (hole) of the roll of red tape
  6. Delete the selection, then deselect the selection
  7. Save your work


Lesson:  Erase areas in an image to enhance appearance

  1. Hide the Red Tape layer
  2. Make the Tools layer active
  3. Enlarge your view of the red tape
  4. Using the Background Eraser tool, erase the roll of red tape
  5. Make the Red Tape layer active
  6. Adjust the Color Balance settings on the Red Tape layer to +75, -57, and -10, so that the adjustment affects only the Red Tape layer
    [Hint:  Click the Color Balance button on the Adjustments panel]
  7. Save your work


Lesson:  Use the Clone Stamp tool to make repairs

  1. Make the Tools layer active
  2. Select the Clone Stamp tool on the Tools panel
  3. Use the Hard Round 5 pixels brush tip
    [Hint:  Use the Brush Preset picker]
  4. Sample the area at 345X / 50Y by pressing ALT and clicking over the wire cutters
  5. Click the red dot (at approximately 310X / 85Y) to remove this imperfection
  6. Save your work


Lesson:  Use the Magic Wand tool to select objects

  1. Open PS 9-4.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save it as PS_C9_SR_Wrench (your username)
  3. Select the Magic Wand tool, deselect the Contiguous check box, then set the Tolerance to 0
  4. Click the Wrench image anywhere on the white background
  5. Select the inverse of the selection
  6. Move the selection to the Tools image
  7. Move the top of the handle of the wrench to approximately 270X / 150Y
  8. Deselect the selection, then close Wrench.psd


Lesson:  Learn how to create snapshots

  1. Use the History panel list arrow to create a new snapshot
  2. Name the snapshot New
  3. Save your work, zoom out to 100% maginification, hide the rulers


Lesson:  Create multiple-image layouts

  1. Use Bridge to create a 3 column, 4 row sheet containing the Tools image
  2. Save the file as PS_C9_SR_Picture Package-Tools (your username)
  3. Create a folder called Contact Sample 2 with image files to use for a 4 column, 4 row contact sheet
  4. Save this file as PS_C9_SR_ContactSheet-02 (your username), then close it
  5. Close Bridge