Portfolio Project

After years of lackluster advertising campaigns, you've decided to combine the talent of local photographers and your Photoshop skills to create new artwork for a local beach.  You know that this is a grand public relations opportunity not to be missed.  You decide to design a poster and a companion bumper sticker that highlights the beach.  You can use any appropriate images of your choice in the design.

  1. Obtain images for the poster and bumper sticker - include those whose content you can select or extract, and any other images as desired - you can use scanned images, or images that are available on your computer, or connect to the Internet and download images - you'll need a background image that might or might not include the animal, at least one small image (such as a snack, toy, or flower) to accompany the animal, and as many other images as desired
  2. Create a new Photoshop image and save it as PS_C9_PP_Beach Poster (your username)
  3. Drag or copy the background to the Beach Poster image above the Background layer, then delete the Background layer, if necessary
  4. Select the animal in its image file, then copy the image to a new layer in the Beach Poster file
  5. Duplicate the animal layer, and apply filters or styles to it
  6. Create type layers for the bumper sticker as desired, include something unique about the species you selected, and apply at least one style or filter to them
  7. Drag or copy the small image, transform it as needed, and then apply at least one style or filter to it
  8. Drag or copy other images as desired, then apply filters or styles to them
  9. Be prepared to discuss the effects you can generate when you select an image, copy it, and apply different opacity settings, filters, or styles to each copy
  10. Save your work