Lesson 7

Lesson:  Create a Multi-image layout


  1. Click the Launch Bridge button on the Application bar
  2. click the Folders tab
  3. Click your folder on the server, use the content tab slider to locate the Market Fresh file, then click Market Fresh.psd
  4. click Output at the top of the Bridge window, click the PDF button in the Output panel, then click the Repeat One Photo per Page check box in the Layout section, then click the Refresh Preview button
  5. Scroll down to the Watermark section of the Output panel, click the View PDF After Save checkbox, then click Save
  6. Save the multi-image layout as Picture Package.pdf

Summary:  You opened Adobe Bridge to create a multi-image layout, selected a layout for a picture package, then created and saved a layout using the Market Fresh image.


Lesson:  Create a contact sheet


  1. Create a folder on your server folder that contains copies of at least three Photoshop images you have created, then name the folder Contact Sample
  2. Click the Folders tab in Adobe Bridge, click the Contact Sample folder, then click the PDF button in the Output panel
  3. Select the files in the Contact Sample folder in the Content tab (use SHIFT to select multiple files), and set the settings in the Output panel to:  4x5 contact sheet; width - 21 centimeters; height - 26.7; Quality - high quality; background - white
  4. Then click Refresh Preview - Photoshop opens the files and places them in a new file to which you can assign a meaningful name
  5. Scroll down to the Watermark section of the Output panel, click Save, type the name ContactSheet-001.pdf, click Save, then close the file, exit Bridge and Photoshop

Summary:  You created a folder and placed images in it, and then used Adobe Bridge to select files from which you created a contact sheet of the images.