Lesson 6

Lesson:  Create a snapshot


  1. Deselect any selections in Peppermint.psd
  2. Click the Invert button on the Adjustments panel
  3. Change the workspace to History and Layers
  4. Click the History panel list arrow, then click New Snapshot
  5. Type After Color in the Name text box
  6. Click OK - the newly named snapshot apepars on the History panel beneath the snapshot Photoshop created when you opened the image

Summary:  You deselected the selection in the Peppermint imgae, inverted the color in the image, then created and named a new snapshot.


Lesson:  Use a snapshot


  1. Scroll up, click the PS 9-2.psd snapshot on the History panel - the image returns to its original color
  2. Click the After Color snapshot on the History panel
  3. Reset the panels to the Essentials workspace
  4. Close Peppermint.psd, save any changes

Summary:  You used the snapshot to view the image as it was before you made changes.