Lesson 5

Lesson:  Select an object using the Magic Wand tool


  1. Verify that the Fruit and Vegetables layer is the active layer
  2. Open PS 9-2.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  3. Save as PS_C9_L5_Peppermint (your username)
  4. Drag the Peppermint.psd window to the right side of the workspace, and resize your windows so you can see both images
  5. Click the Eyedropper tool on the Tools panel, then set the Sample Size to 5 by 5 Average on the options bar
  6. Click the Magic Wand tool on the Tools panel
  7. Type 50 in the Tolerance text box on the options bar, then press Enter
  8. Deselect the Contiguous check box - if the Contiguous check box is selected, you'll select only the adjoining pixels that share the same color values
  9. In the Peppermint window, click the bottom-left leaf at approximately 20X / 175Y to select the peppermint plant
  10. Click the Move tool on the Tools panel
  11. Position the Move pointer over the bottom-left leaf, drag the plant in front of the ower orange quarter (and in front of the apples) in the Market Fresh image

Summary:  You opened a new file, set the Eyedropper tool sample size to a different selection setting, used the Magic Wand tool to select the Peppermint image you opened, then moved the selected image into the Market Fresh image.


Lesson:  Compare objects selected using different sample sizes


  1. Click Window on the Application bar, then click Peppermint.psd
  2. Click Select on the Application bar, then click Deselect
  3. Repeat steps 4 through 10 in the previous steps, but this time, set the sample size for the Eyedropper tool to Point Sample in Step 4 and drag the plant above the green apple in Step 10
  4. Verify that the Show Transform Controls check box is selected on the options bar, then compare the two plants in the Market Fresh image - the selection made with 5 by 5 Average sample size captures more pixels; the selection made with Point Sample size captures fewer pixels - you can see the difference in the plants more easily if you hide and then display the Apples layer
  5. Delete Layer 2 on the Layers panel
  6. Verify that the Move tool is selected and Layer 1 (with the Peppermint plant) is active, click the top of the peppermint plant with the Move pointer then drag it so it is centered behind the far left tomato at approximately 70X / 200Y
  7. Hide the rulers, deselect the Show Transform Controls check box, save your work

Summary:  You changed the Eyedropper tool sample size to its smallest setting, reselected the plant, moved it to the Market Fresh image, deleted one new layer, then repositioned the peppermint plant image.