Lesson 1

Lesson:  View the Channels panel


  1. Start Photoshop, open PS 9-1.psd from the from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save your work to your folder on the server as PS_C9_L1_Market Fresh (your username)
  3. Click the Default Foreground and Background Colors button on the Tools panel to display the default settings
  4. Verify that the Essentials workspace is displayed
  5. Display the rulers in pixesls, change the zoom factor to 100%, then make sure you can see the guide at 685V
  6. Click Edit on the Application bar, point to Preferences, click Interface, verify that there is a check mark in the Show Channels in Color check box, then click OK to verify that the default color channels are displayed in color
  7. Click the Channels tab next to the Layers tab on the Layers panel - the Channels panel is active and displays the four channels for RGB color mode:  RGB (composite), Red, Green, and Blue

Summary:  You opened the Channels panel, and verified that colors are displayed in the default color channels.  This allows you to see the actual colors contained in each channel when working with images.


Lesson:  Create an alpha channel from a selection


  1. Click the Elliptical Marquee tool on the Tools panel, then set the Feather setting on the options bar to 0 px
  2. Drag the Marquee pointer from approximately 10X / 10Y to 685X / 590Y
  3. Click the Save selection as channel button on the Channels panel
  4. Double-click the Alpha 1 thumbnail on the Channels panel, then click the color box in the Channel Options dialog box
  5. Verify that the R option button is selected in the Select channel color dialog box (R=255, G=0, B=0), then click OK
  6. Verify that the opacity setting is 50% and that the Masked Areas option button is selected, then click OK
  7. On the Channels panel, click the RGB channel, then click the Indicates channel visibility button for the Alpha 1 channel to view the alpha channel - the combination of the red alpha channel color overlaying blue produces the rose color at the bottom of the image
  8. Click Select on the Application bar, click Deselect
  9. Save your work

Summary:  You used the Elliptical Marquee tool to create a selection and then saved the selection as an alpha channel.  You also verified the alpha channel color and reviewed the results by viewing the alpha channel.