Design Project

You're the senior graphics engineer at a 3D software simulation company and have just hired a few new graphic designers.  Some of the work at your company involves reverse engineering, a process that your new artists will need to understand and capture visually.  To better orient them to the practice, you've asked them to deconstruct a Photoshop image on the web, and then reinterrpet the image using the techniques they identified.  Before you assemble the staff, you want to walk through the process yourself.

  1. Connect to the Internet, and use your browser to find information containing digital artwork that contains images and type that appears to have styles or filters applied - bookmark the site so you can return to it later
  2. Create a new Photoshop image and save it as PS_C9_DP_My Vision (your username)
  3. Create a type layer named Techniques, then on the layer, type the skills and features that you believe were used to create the appearance of each letter and its background image - in addition to addressing the specifics for each letter, be sure to include the following general analysis:
    • Identify the light source for each image, and how light is handled for each letter and its background
    • Discuss the relationship between the styles applied to the type and the styles or filters applied to the background image
    • Evaluate any seemingly conflicting or unidentifiable techniques
  4. Complete your analyses and print the image
  5. Hide the Techniques layer, then obtain imges to use for your own interpretation of the digital artwork
  6. Place the images in your image, create type layers for the letters, and then apply the techniques you identified
  7. Create a snapshot, then update the Techniques layer as necessary, print the image so that the Techniques layer prints clearly, then compare your before and after analyses - you can hide distracting layers if necessary
  8. Hide the Techniques layer, make the other layers active, then save your work