Portfolio Project

You have been asked to put together a presentation on traditional and modern dance styles from around the world.  Choose a dance style and use your Photoshop skills to create a title slide that conveys the feel of that style.

Sample Solution

  1. Obtain at least three images that reflect the style of dance you’ve chosen.  You can use the images that are available on your computer, scanned images, the Internet, or images from a digital camera – try to select images that you can transform and to which you can add styles and apply filters – make sure that one image can be used as a background
  2. Create a new Photoshop image
  3. Save it to your folder on the server as PS_C8_PP_Dance (your username)
    [If you receive a warning box about maximum compatibility, or a message stating that some of the text layers need to be updated before they can be used for vector-based output, and/or a warning box about maximum compatibility, click Update and/or click OK
  4. Drag or copy the background to the Dance image above the Background layer, then rename the Background layer and apply a fill color as desired
  5. Drag an image to the Dance image, transform it as desired, then apply a filter to it – try an Artistic category Plastic Wrap filter
  6. Drag or copy the remaining images, transform as needed, and apply at least one style or filter to them – try applying layer masks or the Distort category Diffuse Glow filter
  7. Create type layers as desired, and apply at least one style or filter to them – try using clipping masks, a variety of effects and styles to get the effect that you want!
  8. Save your work