Project Builder 1

Theatre in the Park, an outdoor production company, is adding Shakespeare’s comedies to their summer repertoire.  The company has convinced several rollerbladers to wear sandwich boards promoting the event as they blade downtown during the noon hour.  You’ve volunteered to design the board for the Bard.  You can use the title from any Shakespearian comedy in the sign.

Sample Solution

  1. Obtain the following images that reflect the production:  a park, an image related to Shakespeare, and any other images that reflect a summer theater production.  You can use the images that are available on your computer, scanned images, the Internet, or images from a digital camera
  2. Create a new Photoshop image with the dimensions 630 x 450 pixels, then save it as PS_C8_PB1_Play (your username)
  3. Drag or copy the Park image to the Play image above the Background layer, apply at least one filter to it, then rename the Background layer
    [Hint:  The Park layer in the sample has a Render category Lighting Effects filter applied to it]
  4. Drag the Shakespeare image to the Play image above the Park layer, and modify it as desired
    [Hint:  The face in the sample has an opacity setting of 64%, and has been rotated]
  5. Create a sign announcing the play, and apply at least one style and filter to it
    [Hint:  The sign in the sample was created using the Rectangle tool, and has the Drop Shadow, Satin, and Bevel and Emboss styles, and a Texture category Craquelure filter applied to it]
  6. Create type layers as desired, and apply at least one style or filter to them
    [Hint:  Try 23 pt. Myriad Pro]
  7. Drag or copy the remaining images to the Play image, close the image files, then transform them or apply at least one style or filter to them
  8. Save your work