Lesson 6


In this lesson, you'll use Vanishing Point to apply a Photoshop image to the perspective created in another image.

Sample Solution

Lesson:  Prepare to use Vanishing Point

  1. Select the entire flattened image
  2. Copy the selection to the Clipboard
  3. Open PS 8-2.psd from the Digital Design data files folder
  4. Save it as PS_C8_L6_Sunflower Grill-VP (your username)
  5. Create a new layer
  6. Click Filter on the Application bar, then click Vanishing Point
  7. Select the Create Plane tool
  8. Click point 1 (top left corner of the top floor - not the top floor with the triangles) in the building floors, click point 2 (top right corner), click point 3 (bottom right corner), then click point 4 (bottom left corner)

Summary:  You selected the contents of a flattened image, copied it to the Clipboard, opened Vanishing Point, then created an initial plane.


Lesson:  Create an additional plane

  1. Click the Create Plane tool
  2. Position the pointer over the right center handle
  3. Drag the grid along hte long edge of the building, stopping at the extension towards the building's right edge
  4. With the Edit Plane tool, Ctrl-drag the right-most handles so they cover the top four floors of the building

Summary:  You created an additional plane in Vanishing Point, then adjusted the points in the plane to include a specific area in an image.


Lesson:  Paste image in Vanishing Point

  1. Paste the copied image - the contents of the Clipboard is copied into Vanishing Point
  2. Position the pointer over the pasted selection, then drag the pointer over the left side of the grid until you feel it pop into place
  3. Drag the pointer until the image fills the grid and the type displays - if you need to reposition the pasted object, click it again with the pointer
  4. Click OK to close Vanishing Point
  5. Save your work
  6. Close the file, then exit Photoshop

Summary:  You pasted the contents of the Clipboard into Vanishing Point, then adjusted the image within the grid.