Lesson 5


In this lesson, you'll add a lighting effect to the Sunflower LEFT layer, add text, save a copy of the file, then flatten the original layer.


Lesson:  Select lighting settings

  1. Click the Sunflower LEFT layer on the Layers panel
  2. Click Filter on the Application bar, point to Render, then click Lighting Effects
  3. Click the Style list arrow, then click Flashlight - the preview window displays the newly selected style
  4. Click the Light type list arrow, then click Omni
  5. Verify that the On check box is selected - the preview window shows the settings for the Flashlight light source
  6. Drag the center handle of the Flashlight so it is directly over the sunflower in the preview box - as you drag the ellipse handle, the preview window automatically displays the charge in the lighting direction and distance
  7. Drag any one of the handles on the edge of the flashlight so the spotlight is larger than the sunflower
  8. Adjust the slider settings as follows:  Intensity:  46, Gloss:  -94, Material:  -97, Exposure:  -3, Ambience:  -23
    [Tip:  Lighting effects must include at least one light source]

Summary:  You selected a lighting style and type, then changed the direction and distance of the lighting


Lesson:  Apply a lighting effect

  1. Click OK - the light appears brightest in the center of the flower
    [Tip:  When there are mulitple sources of light, you can delete a light source ellipse by dragging its center point over the Delete icon in the Lighting Effects dialog box]

Summary:  You applied a lighting effect to the Sunflower LEFT layer.


Lesson:  Apply finishing touches

  1. Use a 36-point black Impact font to create a type layer at approximately 210H / 220V that says Sunflower Grill
  2. Save a copy of this file using the default naming scheme, flatten the file
  3. Save your work
  4. Summary:  You added a type layer to tthe image, then saved a copy and flattened the file.