Skills Review

Use a layer mask with a selection

  1. Start Photoshop, open PS 8-2.psd from the data files folder on the server, then save it as PS_C8_SR_Stripes_your username
  2. Make sure the rulers are displayed in pixels
  3. Change the zoom factor to 150% or 200%, to enlarge your view of the image
  4. Create a type layer title in black with the text “We must do lunch!” above the Zebra layer and add the drop shadow layer style (using default settings).  [Hint:  a 24 pt. Segoe Print font is used – use any other font on your computer if this font is not available]
  5. Make the Zebra layer active, then select the Elliptical Marquee tool
  6. Change the Feather setting on the options bar to 5 pixels
  7. Create a marquee selection from 35 X/35 Y to 235 X/360 Y
    [Hint:  Fee free to add guides, if necessary]
  8. Use the layers panel to add a layer mask
  9. Save your work

Work with multiple masked layers

  1. Select the Brush tool
  2. Hide the Type layer
  3. Change the existing brush tip to Soft Round 9 pixels
  4. Change the Painting mode to Normal, and the flow and opacity to 100%               
  5. Use the default foreground and background colors to paint the area from 20 X/70 Y to 65 X/290 Y
    [Hint:  Make sure the layer mask thumbnail is selected and that white is the foreground color and black is the background color
  6. Display the type layer
  7. Make the Fern layer active
  8. Unlink the Background layer from the fern layer
  9. Rotate the fern so that its left edge barely touches the zebra’s nose then commit your edits
  10. Save your work

Control pixels to blend colors

  1. Double-click the Fern layer thumbnail
  2. Using green as the Blend If color, drag the right This Layer slider to 200
  3. Split the right This Layer slider, drag the right half to 240, then click OK
    [Hint:  Click OK to close the Layer Style dialog box after step 2, before splitting the slider – you may have to reopen the dialog box]
  4. Save your work

Disable and enable a layer mask

  1. Click the layer mask thumbnail on the Zebra layer
  2. Use the Layer menu to disable the layer mask
  3. Use the Layer menu to enable the layer mask
  4. Save your work

Use an adjustment layer

  1. Make the Fern layer active
  2. Using the Layer menu, create a Color Balance adjustment layer called Modifications
  3. Make sure the Midtones is selected, drag the Cyan/Red, Magenta/Green, and Yellow/Blue sliders to +36, +12, and -19, respectively
  4. Create a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer, above the Modifications layer
  5. Change the Brightness to -25 and the Contrast to +20
  6. Hide the Modifications layer
  7. Hide the Brightness/Contrast layer
  8. Display both adjustment layers
  9. Save your work

Create a clipping mask

  1. Make the Background layer active
  2. Create a clipping mask (with the Background layer as the base layer) that includes the type layer
    [Hint:  Move the type layer to a new location, if necessary]
  3. Save your work