Lesson 5


The student will create an adjustment layer, choose Brightness/Contrast as the type of adjustment layer, adjust brightness and contrast settings for the layer, and then use the Layers panel to change the blending mode of the adjustment layer.


Lesson:  Create and set an adjustment layer

  1. Continue with the previous file - PS_C8_L4_Soccer_your username – resave it as PS_C8_L5_Soccer_your username
  2. Activate and display the 'Get in the Game!' type layer (on the Layers panel)
  3. Click the Brightness/Contrast button (in the Adjustments panel) [you can also create a new adjustment layer by clicking the Create new fill or adjustment layer button on the Layers panel, then selecting a color adjustment or by clicking Layer (on the Application bar), pointing to New Adjustment Layer, then clicking the type of adjustment you want]
  4. Type -15 in the Brightness text box
  5. Type 30 in the Contrast text box then collapse the Properties panel to the Dock – did you notice that the new adjustment layer appears on the Layers panel above the The Produce Market layer? – the new layer is names Brightness/Contrast 1 because you chose Brightness/Contrast as the type of color adjustment]

Summary:  You used the Adjustments panel to create a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer on the Get in the Game! type layer, then adjusted the brightness and contrast settings.


Lesson:  Set the blending mode

  1. Make sure that the 'Brightness/Contrast 1' layer is the active layer [if you choose, you can rename an adjustment layer by double-clicking its name in the Layers panel, typing the new name, then pressing Enter
  2. Click the 'Set the blending mode for the layer' list arrow (on the Layers panel), then click Soft Light
    [Tip:  you can use as many adjustment layers as you want, but you must create them one at a time - at first glance, this might strike you as a disadvantage, but when you’re working on an image, you’ll find it to be very helpful – by adding one or more adjustment layers, you can experiment with a variety of colors and tones, then hide and show each one to determine the one that best suits your needs – adjustment layers can also contain layer masks, which allow you to fine-tune your alterations by painting just the adjustment layer mask – when you are positive that the changes in your adjustment layers should be permanent, you can merge them with any visible layers in the image, including linked layers – you cannot, however, merge one adjustment layer with another adjustment layer – merging adjustment layers reduces file size and ensures that your adjustments will be permanent]
  3. Resave your work as PS_C8_L5_Soccer_your username

Summary:  You changed the blending mode for the adjustment layer to Soft Light, using the Layers panel.