Lesson 2


The student will select two layers simultaneously, align the images on two layers, and then deselect the layers.  The student will also scale the Referee and horizontally flip the Single player.


Lesson:  Select and align layers

  1. Continue with the previous file - PS_C8_L1_Soccer_your username – resave it as PS_C8_L2_Soccer_your username
  2. Make the Opposition layer (on the Layers panel) active, and verify that the Running players layer is visible
  3. Press and hold [Ctrl], click the Running players layer (on the Layers panel), then release [Ctrl]
  4. Click Layer (on the Menu bar), point to Align, then click Vertical Centers – the centers of the Opposition and Running players layers are aligned with their vertical centers
  5. Click the Opposition layer (on the layers panel) – the additional objects are no longer selected, yet all retain their new locations


You selected two layers on the Layers panel, aligned the objects on those layers by their vertical centers using the Align Vertical Centers command on the Layer menu, then you deselected the layers.


Lesson:  Transform a layer using Scale

  1. Click on the Referee layer (on the Layers panel) and make the layer visible
  2. Click Edit (on the Menu bar), point to Transform, then click Scale
  3. Press and hold Shift, position the Scaling pointer over the upper-right sizing handle using the ruler pixel measurements at approximately 1080 X/110 Y, drag down and to the left to 1020 X/140 Y, release shift, then release the mouse button
    [Tip:  Holding Shift while transforming an image maintains the correct proportions so the image looks natural] 
  4. Click the Commit transform (Enter) button (on the options bar) – the image of the referee is reduced

Summary:  You resized the Referee layer using the Transform Scale command.  This command makes it easy to resize an object while maintaining its proportions.


Lesson:  Transform a layer using Flip Horizontal

  1. Make the Single player layer visible and the active layer
  2. Click Edit (on the Menu bar), point to Transform, then click Flip Horizontal - the single player now faces away from the referee instead of towards him 
  3. Click the Move tool (on the Tools panel), move the flipped player to the left edge of the image
  4. Resave your work to your folder on the server as PS_C8_L2_Soccer_your username


You horizontally flipped the Single player layer using the Transform Flip Horizontal command, then moved the layer within the image.  You can use this command to change the orientation of an object on a layer.