Portfolio Project

A Photoshop design contest, sponsored by a high-powered advertising agency, has you motivated.  You have decided to submit the winning entry.  Your entry must be completely original, and can use any imagery available to you.


  1. Start Photoshop and create an image with any dimensions you want
  2. Save this file as PS_C11_PP_Contest Winner (your username)
  3. Locate several pieces of artwork—either on your computer, in a royalty-free collection, or from scanned images—although the images can show anything, remember that you want to show positive imagery so that the judges will select it
  4. Select imagery from the artwork and move it into Contest Winner
  5. Use your knowledge of shapes and paths to create interesting effects
  6. Add text to the image, and use any transform commands to enhance the text
  7. Add any filter effects to make your image more dramatic
  8. Make any color adjustments
  9. Add the following type to the keyboard:  Good manners are always in style
  10. Apply at least two styles to the type
  11. Save your work