Project Builder 2

The National Initiative to Promote Reading has asked you to come up with a preliminary design for their upcoming season.  They have provided you with an initial image you can use, as well as the promise of a fat paycheck if you can finish the project within the day.  You can use any additional imagery to complete this task.


  1. Open PS 11-4.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save as PS_C11_PB2_Booklovers (your username)
  3. Locate at least one piece of appropriate artwork—either on your computer, in a royalty-free collection, or from scanned images—that you can use in this image
  4. Use any appropriate methods to select imagery from the artwork
  5. After the selections have been made, copy them into Booklovers
  6. Transform any imagery
  7. Use your skills to create at least two paths in the image
  8. Add any special effects to a layer, such as a style or a vignette
  9. Add descriptive type to the image, using the font and wording of your choice – you can rasterize the type and create a mask
  10. Make any color adjustments, or add filters
  11. Save your work