Lesson 4


In this lesson, you’ll convert a selection into a path, then apply a stroke to the path.


Lesson:  Convert a selection into a path

  1. Display the STAMPS layer and the Stamps layer
  2. Click the STAMPS layer on the Layers panel
  3. Click the Magic Wand tool on the Tools panel, and verify that the Contiguous checkbox is selected
  4. Click anywhere in the burgundy color behind the word STAMPS
  5. If necessary, click the Add to selection button on the options bar, click the open area in the A, click the open area in the letter P, click Select on the Application bar, then click Inverse
  6. Click the Paths panel tab
  7. Press and hold ALT, click the Make work path from selection button on the Paths panel, then release ALT
    [Tip:  Pressing ALT causes the Make Work Path dialog box to open – you can use this to change the Tolerance setting – if you don’t press and hold this key, the current tolerance setting is used]
  8. Type 1.0 in the Tolerance text box, then click OK
  9. Double-click the Work Path on the Paths panel
  10. Type Stamps path in the Name text box of the Save Path dialog box, then click OK

Summary:  You created a selection using the Magic Wand tool, then converted it into a path using the Make work path from selection button on the Paths panel.


Lesson:  Stroke a path

  1. Click the Eyedropper tool on the Tools panel
  2. Click the black swatch on the Swatches panel
  3. Activate the Shape 2 layer on the Layers panel, then create a new layer above it
  4. Click the Stamps path on the paths panel, then click Brush tool on the Tools panel, and select the Hard Round 9 pixels brush size with 100% opacity
    [Tip:  You can select a path as a selection (rather than as a path) by holding CTRL while clicking the name of the path – When you do this, marching ants surround the path, which indicate that it’s a selection]
  5. Click the Paths list arrow on the Paths panel, click Stroke Path, click the Tool list arrow in the Stroke Path dialog box, click Brush, then click OK
  6. Click anywhere on the Paths panel to deselect the path
  7. Save your work
  8. Close the file and exit Photoshop

Summary:  You stroked a path, using a color from the Swatches panel and a command from the Paths list arrow.