Lesson 3


In this lesson, you’ll create two shapes, then modify and add a style to a shape layer.


Lesson:  Create a shape

  1. Click the Rectangle tool on the Tools panel
  2. Click the Shape layers button on the options bar
  3. Make sure the Style picker list arrow displays the Default Style (None)
  4. Display the rulers in pixels and display the guides
  5. Verify that the Mailbox layer is active
  6. Drag the Marquee pointer from approximately 0X / 510Y to 555X / 685Y using the guides to draw the rectangle – the shape is added to the image, and the Rectangle tool is still active

Summary:  You created a new shape layer, using the Rectangle tool.  The new shape was created on its own layer.


Lesson:  Create and modify a custom shape

  1. Click the Layers panel tab, then select and make the Button layer visible
  2. Click the Custom Shape tool button on the options bar
  3. Click the Click to open Custom Shape picker list arrow, then double-click Envelope 2 (the first shape from the right in the second row)
  4. Drag the Marquee pointer over the flat surface of the button from approximately 390X / 470Y to 510X / 505Y
  5. Display the Swatches panel, click white swatch on the Swatches panel, then click OK to close the Pick a solid color dialog box
  6. Verify that the Shape 2 mask thumbnail on the Layers panel is selected
  7. Click the Add a layer style button on the Layers panel
  8. Click the Drop Shadow, click Bevel and Emboss, then click OK to accept the current settings
  9. Save your work, turn off the guides and rulers

Summary:  You created an additional shape layer, changed the color of the shape, then applied a style to the shape.