Lesson 2


In this lesson, you'll create and name a path, expand the path to give it a wider, more curved appearance, then fill it with the foreground color.


Lesson:  Create a path

  1. Click the Indicates layer visibility button on the STAMPS layer on the Layers panel so that it is no longer visible
  2. Click the Mailbox layer on the Layers panel - hiding layers makes it easier to work on a specific area of the image
  3. Click the Freeform Pen tool on the Tools panel
  4. Click the Paths button on the options bar
  5. Click the Geometry options list arrow on the options bar, then adjust the settings so that your entire options bar is:
    Geometry options:  Curve Fit:  2 px; Check the Magnetic box then set Width:  5 px; Contrast:  10%; Frequency:  20; check the Pen Pressure box
  6. USe the Freeform Pen tool pointer to trace the vertical and horizontal posts that hold the mailbox
  7. Click when you reach the starting point and the small "O" appears in the pointer
  8. Click the Paths panel tab
  9. Double-click the Work Path layer on the Paths panel
  10. Type Post path in the Name text box
  11. Click OK

Summary:  You created a path using the Freeform Pen tool, then named the path in the Paths panel


Lesson:  Modify a path

  1. Zoom into the mailbox so the zoom factor is 200%m, then click the Add Anchor Point tool on the Tools panel
  2. Click a point near the curve at the top of the mailbox, then drag a handle so the curve conforms to the left side of the mailbox - as you drag the new anchor points, direction handles appear, indicating that you have added smooth points instead of corner points - you can drag any of these points so they conform to the shape you want for the path
  3. Zoom out to the 100% magnification, then click the Eyedropper tool on the Tools panel
  4. Click the mailbox to sample its color
  5. Click the Paths list arrow ont he Paths panel, click Fill Path, modify the settings in the Fill Path dialog box as follows:
    Use:  Foreground color; Blending mode:  Normal; Opacity:  20%; Feather Radius:  0 pixels; check Anti-alias
    [Tip:  The Mailbox layer on the Layers panel must be selected for the Fill Path option on the Paths panel will not be available]
  6. Deselect the path by clicking a blank area of the Paths panel
  7. Save your work

Summary:  You modified an existing path, then filled it with a color from a color existing in the image.