Design Project

You can pick up some great design tips and tricks from the Internet.  Because you are relatively new to using Photoshop shapes, you decide to see what information you can find out about shapes on the Web.  Your goal is not only to increase your knowledge of shapes and paths, but to create attractive artwork.


  1. Connect to the Internet and find information about using paths and shapes in Photoshop – make a bookmark of the site you found so you can refer to it later
  2. Create a Photoshop image, using the dimensions of your choice, then save it as PS_C11_DP_Shape Experimentation (your username)
  3. Use paths and shapes to create an attractive image
  4. Create an attractive background, using any of your Photoshop skills
  5. Create at least two paths, using any shapes you want
  6. Add any special effects to the paths
  7. Make any color adjustments, or add filters
  8. Add a type layer that says Adobe Photoshop CS4
  9. Save your work